The Baltimore Orioles need to make a move to improve the starting rotation

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The Baltimore Orioles are in first place in the American League East with a 47-35 record, 2 games up on the Red Sox and 2.5 games up on the Blue Jays.  The Orioles are pounding teams with their bats and closing out games with an impressive bullpen.  But they aren’t going to hang on and win the division or go very far in the playoffs without improving the starting pitching.  Outside of righties Chris Tillman and Kevin Gausman……the rotation flat out sucks!  I don’t see the Yankees or Rays wanting to deal pitching to the Orioles, so they will have to look elsewhere.  The Orioles could aim high and talk to the A’s about righty Sonny Gray or lefty Rich Hill, but I don’t think they will like the asking price on either of them.  I would aim a tad lower and try to make a couple of deals for starting pitchers.  I have always liked Ervin Santana of the Twins, so I would try to pry him away from them and that shouldn’t be too hard, as they are pretty awful so far this year.  Then I would place a call to the Padres (Andrew Cashner), the Phillies (Jeremy Hellickson) and the Angels (Hector Santiago and Matt Shoemaker).  I think getting Santana along with Cashner, Hellickson, Santiago or Shoemaker would go a long way in helping the rotation without giving up the whole farm.

The Baltimore Orioles always seem to think outside the box to improve the team

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I think the Orioles are going to think outside the box to try to improve the team for the stretch run.  I think an excellent buy low target would be 1B Ike Davis of the Mets.  He is in their dog house and he proved last year that he could really swing the bat.  I think an offer of Ryan Flaherty and either Steve Johnson or T.J. McFarland get that deal done.  I think they will then focus on getting a veteran starting pitcher to replace Jason Hammel at the back end of the rotation.  I think whichever pitcher didn’t go to the Mets (Johnson or McFarland) plus a decent prospect would be more than enough to bring Saunders back to Baltimore for the rest of the 2013 season.  The Orioles could really improve their team by making these two deals without dealing any of their prime prospects.

The Baltimore Orioles need to make some deals

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The Orioles are sitting at 42-33 (56%) so far in 2013, which has them in second place in the A.L. East, 2 games behind the Red Sox and 1/2 a game ahead of the Yankees.  The Orioles could use a legit everyday 2B as they can’t wait for Brian Roberts.  Jemile Weeks (A’s), Dustin Ackley (Mariners) and Darwin Barney (Cubs) are likely all available.  Barney has the best glove, but the worst bat and the smallest upside of that trio.  They could also use an everyday type DH.  Alfonso Soriano (Cubs) and Raul Ibanez (Mariners) both make a lot of sense for the Orioles.  They could also use a solid starting pitcher and there are going to be a lot of those available.  Scott Feldman (Cubs), Matt Garza (Cubs), Joe Saunders (Mariners), Ricky Nolasco (Marlins) and Kyle Lohse all make sense here.  While the Cubs (Barney, Soriano, Feldman and Garza) and the Mariners (Ackley, Ibanez and Saunders) are perfect matches for the Orioles needs, I think they might try to limit the cost by making separate deals to fill holes.  The A’s would probably jump at an offer of Jake Arrieta straight up for Jemile Weeks.  Steve Johnson would be more than enough to pry Raul Ibanez from the Mariners.  Finally a package of minor league prospects to the Marlins for Ricky Nolasco and the Orioles are ready to win the A.L. East.

The Baltimore Orioles have been thrifty so far in the off-season

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The Orioles have been thrifty so far in the off-season. They re-signed Nate McLouth, Lew Ford and Luis Ayala…..which were all smart moves as they all returned for the right prices. The Orioles have also traded for Danny Valencia, Trayvon Robinson and Yamaico Navarro so far this off-season and they will all compete for bench spots. Alexi Casilla and Conor Jackson were also picked up to compete for roster spots in spring training. The Orioles still have holes at 2B, 1B or DH (depending on where Chris Davis plays) and they could probably use a veteran for the starting rotation. Here is how I would go about filling some of these holes. I would try to wait out 2B Kelly Johnson and try to sign him for below market value on a 1-year contract. I think I would spend some money and try to sign 1B Adam LaRoche with the idea of DHing Chris Davis (where his mitt won’t hurt the team). For the starting pitcher, I would try to bring back Joe Saunders. If the O’s miss on him, I would consider bringing back Erik Bedard or possibly Roy Oswalt (if he’s focused) as they were both still throwing hard last year. The Orioles are close to being a legit World Series contender, so it’s the right time to spend some cash.

The Baltimore Orioles need to be aggressive in the trade market

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The Baltimore Orioles really need to get a 1B or 3B in the trade market that can make an impact with the bat. Top targets should include Justin Morneau (Twins), Carlos Lee (Marlins), Chase Headley (Padres) and Aramis Ramirez (Brewers). Of those four players, Carlos Lee would likely come the cheapest in terms of prospects, so that would be the direction I would head in. The Orioles are also likely going to be scouring the market for starting pitchers. I think they should stay out of the bidding for Zack Greinke, James Shields, Ryan Dempster, Matt Garza and Josh Johnson. There’s two reasons for that line of thinking. One, it would cost the Orioles a lot of quality prospects for any of those five pitchers. Secondly, the Orioles need to trade for more than one starting pitcher. With that in mind, they will likely be looking at guys like Francisco Liriano, Bartolo Colon, Jason Vargas, Kevin Correia, Lucas Harrell, Clayton Richard, Carlos Zambrano, Randy Wolf, Joe Blanton and Paul Maholm. Of that bunch, I think Jason Vargas and Joe Blanton make the most sense. They also need a lefty reliever to help out Troy Patton. They should be after Jose Mijares, Manny Parra and Joe Thatcher. I think Mijares should be the target here. In summation, I think trades adding Carlos Lee, Jason Vargas, Joe Blanton and Jose Mijares would keep the Orioles in the hunt for a playoff spot in 2012. They can’t stay pat.

The Baltimore Orioles should act now on the trade market

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The Orioles are in second place in the A.L. East with a 41-31 record, just three games behind the Yankees. With that in mind, the Orioles should try to bolster their roster right now. They need a starting LF and a starting pitcher or two. Two teams offer one stop shopping for the Orioles. The Cubs would be the more high priced, high upside proposition with Matt Garza and Alfonso Soriano available. But, I think a move with the Padres would seem more practical. They likely will make lefty starting pitcher Clayton Richard and righty starter Edison Volquez available. They also likely will have righty swinging Carlos Quentin and lefty swinging Will Venable available. With that in mind I would suggest a deal for Richard & Venable.

The Baltimore Orioles need to make a couple of smaller moves to remain in contention

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Sure, the Orioles are in first place right now and they are looking good. But, with the schedule being very heavy in division, the Orioles are going to likely need to make a couple of upgrades and I have a couple ideas. I would call up the Philadelphia Phillies first and I would offer them up righty reliever Kevin Gregg, 2B Ryan Adams and cash for lefty swinging Juan Pierre. Pierre would take over as the Orioles’ leadoff man and starting LF. Nolan Reimold would split time with Pierre in LF and Wilson Betemit at DH when he returns to action. The second move I would try to make would be to offer the White Sox righty starting pitcher Chris Tillman for veteran lefty reliever Matt Thornton. That would give the Orioles a second lefty in the pen, and a darn good one. So there you have it, my ideas to keep the Orioles a contender this year.

This trio of players should interest the Baltimore Orioles in free agency

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If I we’re running the Baltimore Orioles, I would be looking to add this trio of players to the mix for the 2012 season:

1. Hideki Matsui – The Orioles had to be disappointed with Vladimir Guerrero’s lack of power last year. Hideki Matsui was on a terrible A’s hitting team that didn’t give him much help. I think he would hit well in Camden Yards.

2. Kosuke Fukudome – The Orioles could use a solid lefty swinging #4 outfielder to share time with Nolan Reimold in LF in 2011. Fukudome can play all three slots in the field, so the O’s could find him 300-350 ABs in 2012.

3. Aaron Harang – The Orioles need another veteran at the top of the rotation to team with Jeremy Guthrie. Harang would be a good fit as he’s a workhorse and he pitched well for the Padres last year.

The Baltimore Orioles should make a few deals next week

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The Orioles should be aggressive in the trade market next week. The O’s gave it a good shot last winter in signing a lot of veterans but it just hasn’t worked out so far this year. With that in mind, Vladimir Guerrero, Derrek Lee and Kevin Gregg are likely at the top of the list of players the Orioles are willing to deal. Felix Pie and Koji Uehara could also be moved before next Sunday as well. Uehara’s name has popped up in a lot of trade rumors recently. The Orioles would probably kick in most of the cash for lefty reliever Mike Gonzalez if they could find a team that wants him as he has been a huge disappointment so far in Baltimore. The biggest chip the O’s have is righty starting pitcher Jeremy Guthrie. Guthrie has had back luck support wise from both the offense and the bullpen this year but he has done his part. The Tigers, Yankees, Red Sox and Cardinals would probably be the teams most interested in Guthrie. Out of the players mentioned above, none of them with the exception of Guthrie are in the O’s long term plans so it makes sense to deal them for players to help them in the future.

The Baltimore Orioles should trade some veterans this month

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I’m thinking that the Orioles should deal a couple of veterans this month, but no one that they are counting on for next season. With that in mind, I think I would offer 1B Derrek Lee, OF Luke Scott and cash to the Arizona Diamondbacks for righty starting pitchers Armando Galarraga, Barry Enright and rookie outfielder Wagner Mateo. This kind of deal would give the Orioles a couple of decent, young starting pitchers and it would allow them to get a good look at Nolan Reimold at 1B and Felix Pie in the outfield. Scott & Lee would really add some spice to the D-Backs’ lineup the last three months of the year. This is the kind of deal that makes too much sense to ever actually happen.

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